Team Bonding Activities (Blog Post #2)

Last week in COM502, Belma got us to participate in Team Bonding Activities which was compromised of:

The Blindfold

The Rope

The Pole


The Pole – This activity had teams of 4 lower a pole to the ground with the pole on the back of their hands. 

  • What do you think contributed to your team success?

We managed to find some ways to lower the pole within the guidelines we were given, however Belma kept dismissing our ideas and making us start again.

  • What do you think did not help your team success? 

    The biggest issue to hinder our teams success was that only one member was giving ideas and the other members we just telling each other that they need to move down


Body Language Observations

Blog Assessment Post #1
During this week I have spent the majority of my mornings in the Fish Bowl Cafe and I’ve observed some of the groups of people who enter to  see how they use body language to communicate with their peers.

Some of the observations I have made are that:

  1.  In most of the groups of Females that entered, they use their hand to exaggerate or to put more emphasis into their words.
  2. When observing a Group of IT Students they didn’t tend to use much body language, mostly they just talked to one another while still looking at their Laptop Screens
  3. The majority of people who entered the Fish Bowl Cafe were alone and didn’t want to talk with others, just work on the computers

    Note: Due to poor eyesight I had to listen in on conversations in order to determine how the body language was being used.